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    Webcast Replay: Where are the biggest opportunities in international small-caps?

    Is there a big opportunity in international small caps?  Is investment quality better than quantity?  What are the surprising ups and downs in international small-cap performance?

    Watch David Nadel and Mark Rayner, Portfolio Managers of Royce International Premier Fund, and Steve Lipper, Senior Investment Strategist of Royce and Associates to discuss: 

    • Three surprising international small-cap facts: What makes this overlooked asset class worth considering? 
    • The Fund’s Quality-at-a-Reasonable Price (“QARP”) approach that focuses on non-U.S. small-caps with high ROIC (Return on Invested Capital)
    • Why they think this asset class is just getting started following a strong run so far in 2017


    David Nadel

    Portfolio Manager, Principal

    Mark Rayner

    Portfolio Manager

    Steve Lipper, CFA

    Managing Director, Senior Investment Strategist